ComplianceESGJune 29, 2022

10 Exciting EHS technologies to watch in 2022

Download this report to learn about 10 of the most innovative technologies in the EHS space and how they add value to your organization.

What’s Inside

The pandemic drove increased innovation and adoption of EHS digital technology, and even now firms are eager to invest in and pilot EHS technologies in the next 12 months.

Download this report to learn about 10 existing and emerging EHS technologies to identify opportunities for technology innovation and to improve your company’s capability for EHS functionality.

Key Takeaways

Learn more about:


  • How the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need for these EHS technologies, and drove their innovation and adoption
  • Existing technologies that have demonstrated innovation in the last 18 months, including drones and AI
  • Emerging technologies with increased demand from EHS executives, including digital twins and video analytics




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