Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics
LegalNovember 03, 2019

eBook: Putting Predictive Analytics to Work for You

Predict future outcomes - no crystal ball needed

For professionals dealing with litigated matters, the ability to predict the future can be a strong tool for managing that litigation, setting expectations, and guiding communications with outside counsel.

Traditionally, these decisions have been made based on gut feelings, experience and judgment calls. But all of these can lead to over or underestimated cycle times and budgets, resulting in huge financial and business opportunity costs.

Thanks to a combination of data, AI, and machine learning, there’s no need for guesswork. The power to predict is real – and it comes in the form of predictive analytics.

This eBook shows how corporate legal and insurance claims professionals can use predictive analytics to make better, more informed decisions and provide true value to their organizations, today and tomorrow.

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Predictive Insights
The LegalVIEW Predictive Insights Module uses AI to rank the best law firms for litigated matters using predictive budget and cycle time data mixed with client-weighted criteria
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