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LegalMarch 21, 2019

eBook: There's a Better Way to Manage Legal Holds

Strike the right balance with legal holds

Whether you’re using a fully-featured e-discovery solution, relying on manual processes like spreadsheets, or are somewhere in between, every company must have a strategy to manage its legal holds process.

Manually managing legal holds can be time-consuming and risky, leaving an organization open to human errors, as well as court-imposed sanctions if it fails to meet the legal standards of compliance.

However, wholly relying on an e-discovery solution can also miss the mark, forcing you to manage data in multiple systems or pay for features that you may not even use – or need.

Your legal holds solution should be designed with you in mind, providing a consistent user experience while automating and streamlining your existing workflows.

Download this eBook for a closer look at:

  • How other organizations are managing legal holds.
  • Challenges of managing legal holds in-house without automation.
  • Investing in a solution that is designed to meet your specific needs, including benefits from ELM Solutions Legal Holds.

Download the eBook

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