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LegalFebruary 15, 2019

eBook: Artificial Intelligence for the Insurance Industry

Next-gen technology to supercharge your litigation management activities

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a huge disruptor in the insurance industry. While many in the industry are still trying to understand what AI is and what it can do, companies are already using AI to transform their business – both for themselves and their clients.

To stay competitive, carriers need to seize the opportunity AI presents to streamline processes to better serve their policyholders and control costs throughout the enterprise.

The best way to use it? Bringing the power of AI together with your team’s expertise to automate repetitive, manual parts of your day – like legal bill review. This combination gives you the tools to supercharge your current processes and drive significant cost savings, compliance and productivity.

Read this eBook for:

  • A better understanding of what AI is (and is not) and what it can do.
  • How AI is changing the business landscape for insurance.
  • Ways you can benefit, including actual results of savings and compliance from AI-assisted legal bill review.

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Legal bill review reimagined
LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer Expert Service
AI-enabled expert bill review delivers up to 10% cost savings and a 2-5X increase in billing guideline compliance
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