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LegalOctober 13, 2021

Don’t miss: Not all law firms are created equal

We are running a series of brief blogs to inform you about the helpful, instructive sessions you can participate in at ELM Amplify 2021. You can attend our award-winning virtual user conference from anywhere in the world. Be sure to register here at no charge.

For legal departments, risk management is a key focus, but it isn’t always entirely within the department’s control. Although you hire law firms to reduce various kinds of risk to your organization, they can, in fact, increase the risk to your company if they don’t have their own effective risk mitigation programs. When you partner with an outside counsel firm that is not strong in this area, you could be increasing your own company’s risk of reputational damage or business continuity issues.

Our panel of experts in the session "Not All Law Firms Are Created Equal. How Well Do You REALLY Know Your Firms?" will talk about the steps legal departments should take to evaluate a firm in terms of risk and to mitigate any risk a partner firm may present.

Visit the ELM Amplify 2021 site to learn about more of the panel discussions, presentations, training, and other offerings at our virtual user conference. View the agenda, learn about our expert speakers, and register at no charge.

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