SEC Publishes Securities Transaction Fee Rate Advisory
LegalOctober 12, 2021

Don’t miss: Driving compliance without compromising law firm relationships

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Are you or others in your organization reluctant to push for improvement in billing guideline compliance out of fear of damaging the relationships you’ve built with your law firms? This is a common concern but does not need to be. Improving billing guideline compliance while maintaining positive outside counsel relationships is an attainable goal.

How is this possible? Attend our session, Driving compliance without compromising law firm relationships, and learn how LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer enables better compliance while keeping firm relationships strong. Our panel of ELM Solutions experts and BillAnalyzer clients will explain how this innovative service, coupled with the right approach to implementing new bill review workflows, can lead to better outcomes and great collaboration.

Visit the ELM Amplify 2021 site for more on the thought leadership, panel discussion, and training sessions being presented at this year’s online user conference. View the agenda, learn about our expert speakers, and register at no charge.

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