CorporateNovember 04, 2021

Document Restatements - Increase your Efficiency and Profitability with ftwilliam

Join us for a demonstration of our document software efficiency tools that will help you streamline your Cycle 3 Plan restatements.  We will cover the newly designed batch restatement process via DocPrint, provide an overview of ftwPro Amend, our automated amendment module, including recent enhancements, portal delivery and more! Don’t miss out on a chance to learn how to utilize these tools, streamline your restatement process, and increase your overall efficiency.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Batch restatement to Post PPA via DocPrint
  • Batch updating of plan parameters via DocPrint
  • ftwPro Amend, including recent enhancements
  • Default plans and cloning;
  • Batch delivery to the portal for electronic signatures;
  • Set-up of individual plans for portal delivery and e-signature
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