Doctors reviewing patient data on a secure mobile device
HealthApril 15, 2018

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to improve clinical outcomes

The healthcare AI market is soon to explode from $600M in 2014 to $6.6B in 2021.

During a one-hour webinar, Cutting Edge AI – Should You Take a Chance?, speakers Ari Robiseck, M.D., Chief Medical Analytics Officer at Providence Health & Services, and Jean-Claude Saghbini, Chief Technology Officer at Wolters Kluwer Health, discuss the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play in healthcare and what organizations need to do to build a robust AI strategy.

Dr. Robiseck spoke about how to measure the value of clinical practice better and the ways in which hospitals can use their underlying datasets to improve care outcomes. To determine how to measure the value of care provided and influence the decisions a physician makes, Dr. Robiseck and his team leveraged a platform referred to as Value Oriented Architecture that supports advanced analytical techniques.

Jean-Claude Saghbini spoke about the role AI will play in healthcare and what organizations need to do to build an AI strategy. From gathering the knowledge and domain expertise, to applying the data to science and finally integrating AI into the workflow, Saghbini explained how AI in healthcare is fundamentally about augmenting the role of the clinician and improving the clinician time with patients.

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