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HealthApril 23, 2020

Webinar: COVID-19 patients with sepsis require different management

Learn how sepsis presents in COVID cases and what to be aware of to determine care and the key to early detection, evaluation, treatment and CMS bundle compliance.

As hospitals and health systems scramble to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, sepsis has emerged as an important consideration. A recent study of a Chinese hospital found that 100 percent of patients who died there had sepsis, and there are reliable indications that sepsis burden will only increase in 2020. Hospitalized COVID-19 patients present with symptoms of sepsis; they have an infection, and they often have SIRS criteria, organ dysfunction and meet qSOFA scoring.

Many clinicians are quick to treat them the same as other sepsis patients, but COVID-19 patients also differ from most other sepsis patients – they tend to die from respiratory failure, not shock. Because of this, the typical sepsis protocols and tracking sepsis bundles for COVID patients must be managed differently.

In this webinar “COVID-19 Patients with Sepsis Require Different Management: What You Need to Know,” you will learn from Dr. Steve Claypool:

  • How sepsis presents in COVID cases; what to be aware of to determine care
  • Review controversies for patients with COVID and Sepsis
  • The difference between COVID sepsis versus sepsis from other causes, early detection, appropriate evaluation, treatment and CMS bundle compliance
  • How to interpret controversial research around patients with COVID and sepsis

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