ComplianceNovember 05, 2021

Control Of Work Software Enables EHS And Operations Collaboration For Real-Time Risk Management

Download this insight brief to understand why businesses everywhere are using Control of Work software to boost their own operations. 

What's Inside

A new study, conducted by an independent research firm, found industries of every make and kind are modelling their frontline risk management operations after the process industries. Wondering what these best practices are? Fortunately, leaders from these riskiest industries have taken their lessons learned and put them into practice with one global process: Control of Work. From Incident Management to Permit to Work, the gold standard in safe operations for very industry is emerging as Control of Work.

Key Takeaways

  • Executives view software as essential for Control of Work (CoW) success.
  • Boosting worker productivity is a key benefit for nearly 80% of the respondents.
  • Contractor safety improvements are seen as key benefits of CoW software use.

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