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3 content marketing tips for reaching healthcare professionals

Engaging healthcare professionals during a global pandemic can be challenging. Here are some tips to build a winning content strategy.

The ways in which healthcare professional (HCPs) access professional information are changing, thanks to emerging digital tools. Content marketers must understand the reasons and methods behind these new habits to properly engage HCPs with new professional opportunities.

For example, HCPs are increasingly supplementing traditional print resources with new digital ones as part of their daily professional routines — each with its own purpose, function, and context. Content strategists must take a holistic approach to engagement with these new aspects in mind.

How marketers should respond to evolving HCP content journeys

The following three tips are based on Wolters Kluwer’s own research about how HCP content consumption habits have evolved. Take advantage of these actionable recommendations as you adapt your content marketing strategy and prepare your next campaign.

1. Amp up your digital content strategy for several impressions per user each day.

HCPs are increasing the frequency with which they access digital resources each day. Marketers should build content campaigns that reflect the increased daily frequency with which HCPs access digital and print resources. They should prioritize engagement strategies that present unique and consistent opportunities to HCPs each time they access resources online.

2. Put mobile engagement on the front lines of content marketing campaigns.

HCPs are increasing their use of smartphones to access nearly all content types. This creates future opportunities for more robust mobile content campaigns, especially as smartphone technologies improve. Marketers should begin developing a long-term strategy where smartphone engagement is a central pillar.

3. Get to know HCPs search habits, and align your campaigns with their search results.

In addition to using Google more often to find professional information, HCPs are searching within journal websites for articles based on unique subjects. Marketers can take advantage of this growing habit using unique content that matches their search criteria.

These might include customizable, targeted solutions that reflect search activity in real time. Marketers should prioritize highly targeted banners and sponsored content on journal sites.

Wolters Kluwer has your back

This is a pivotal point in healthcare’s history, and HCPs’ professional lives, which means that it’s vital for your content marketing strategy to address the changing dynamics. Our latest HCP marketing white paper provides new best practices for content marketers looking to engage HCPs successfully — now and in the future.

If you’ve enjoyed these tips, download the full white paper for more in-depth insights and recommendations.

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