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LegalMay 24, 2023

Common Market Law Review – A journal for all seasons

The Common Market Law Review was founded 60 years ago. It was the first journal dedicated to the Law of the European Economic Community, later the law of the European Union. Alison McDonnell interviews Laurens Jan Brinkhorst for this podcast episode of International Law Talk. For 30 years, Alison McDonnell has run the Editorial Office of the Common Market Law Review - world’s leading academic legal journal. Laurens Jan Brinkhorst was the very first secretary to the editors of the journal, in 1963. Together they reflect on 60 years of the law of European integration. Listen to the trailer and/or the full discussion.
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60 years of Common Market Law Review 

The Common Market Law Review is the pre-eminent journal dealing with European Union law, and legal issues relating to the European Union. It has provided a forum for the keenest legal minds in the field of European Union law for over fifty years. With a truly international editorial board and contributions from all over the world, the Review is both comprehensive and cosmopolitan in its approach, with no loss of detail. Each up-to-the-minute issue contains articles dealing with matters of current interest, with authoritative treatment given to such topics as the following and much more:

  • the European Monetary Union and its critics;
  • State-aid policy and practice;
  • EU constitutional issues versus national identities;
  • protection of fundamental rights;
  • EU/WTO relationship;
  • telecommunications and E-commerce;
  • consumer protection; and
  • EU law in National courts.
This podcast episode is part of International Law Talk. Wolters Kluwer will bring you insightful analysis, commentary and discussion from thought leaders and experts on current topics in the field of International Arbitration, IP Law, International Tax Law, Competition Law and other international legal fields.
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