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Tax & AccountingMay 07, 2024

Choosing the right professional tax software

Choosing a tax software can feel like comparing apples to oranges, so it’s important for firms to identify their goals and develop a list of priorities to compare against. Some firms need a simple, high-efficiency tax preparation solution, while others may be looking for a full end-to-end digital tax workflow. While some firms will focus on completing more returns more quickly, others will look for ways to improve the client experience. By evaluating these seven areas at the start of the process, firms can move forward with confidence.

AI-enabled workflow

Innovation is an important factor in tax software, especially when staffing challenges are increasing and client expectations are evolving. A software that offers new AI-enabled features and regular enhancements will keep firms ahead of the pack. Be wary of buzzwords: the software often doesn't live up to the hype. Instead, look for real-world artificial intelligence applications that can help your firm today.

Data entry

Many of the biggest time savers in a digital tax workflow are related to minimizing data entry. While checklists can help ensure preparers don’t overlook anything, real efficiency comes from automating the process and creating direct connections between the tax return and the source of the data.

Comprehensiveness and accuracy

An accountant’s work is based on trust, so this is an area firms cannot afford to overlook. When faced with a choice between a more limited software and one with more forms and automatic calculations, firms should consider their future needs as well as the short term. When looking for the best price, quality is non-negotiable.


As client needs become more sophisticated, a firm’s software should enable firms to handle complex situations and entities. Otherwise, firms are left with too much manual work on high-complexity returns, or they are forced to turn away highly profitable clients.


The cloud might not be right for everyone, but more and more software solutions are available only in the cloud. Look for a system that is flexible, with hybrid-cloud functionality and the ability to integrate with other solutions, either in a solution suite or via APIs.


Online support options are convenient and can save a lot of time during busy season. Comprehensive help information should be easy to search and include videos when appropriate. Most importantly, firms should not have to pay extra for support.


Software pricing can be hard to pin down, with configuration options and bundled modules that firms may or may not need. Ask about package pricing to keep costs under control and avoid surprises. 

CCH Axcess Tax - the best choice for growing firms

Feature Comparison Other Tax Software CCH Axcess Tax
AI-enabled workflow Older technology, buzzwords and hype instead of innovation  Innovative AI-enabled tools and time-saving workflows
Data entry Basic linking and checklists Dynamic integrations and automated imports
Comprehensiveness and accuracy Missing forms, inaccurate calculations More than 4,000 forms and thousands of calculations for all types of returns
Complexity Outdated interfaces, manual processes User-friendly features for managing complex returns
Platform On-premise, remote access via VPN No additional hosting fees required
Support Limited support, hidden charges Free support, on-demand help
Pricing Module pricing can be unpredictable Package pricing — no surprises
CCH Axcess TAx
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Aimee Hall is a product marketing manager for Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting US, focusing on the professional market. In this role, she is responsible for leading the marketing strategy for tax software products including CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax and ATX Tax. She joined Wolters Kluwer in 2006 and lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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In the cloud or on premise, find the solutions you need to supercharge your tax preparation productivity.

In the cloud or on premise, find the solutions you need to supercharge your tax preparation productivity.
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