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A checklist: Choosing a new sales tax software wisely

Discover the steps to follow to successfully implement sales tax software across your organization.

Explore the role of implementation for a smooth software adoption

Picking the right sales tax partner starts with asking the right questions.

Some examples:

  • Can your software help manage the tax complexities specific to my industry?

  • Can your platform integrate seamlessly with our ERP (enterprise resource planning) system?

  • How is your customer support structured during and after implementation? And what steps do you recommend to ensure a successful integration?

That final question, though sometimes overlooked, is particularly important: It’s amazing how the final few steps in any process can influence the ultimate outcome. Fairly or unfairly, after all, we draw a clear distinction between someone who climbs Mount Everest to the very top ... and someone who comes up 100 feet short.

Implementation of new enterprise software is no different. Get it right to the very end, and you’re golden; make a misstep among your final few steps, and you risk rolling into a rollout rut.

If your team is evaluating what it’ll take to successfully implement sales tax software across your organization, here’s a simple checklist to help keep you on solid footing throughout the process.

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