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FinanceNovember 11, 2022

Charles River Labs anticipates changes with CCH® Tagetik Sales & Operations Planning solution

Discover how CCH Tagetik helped navigate through Covid pandemic without production disruption, mitigate risk by aligning S&OP and financial aligned around the same plan and respond faster to changes either on demand and inventory situations.

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Charles River, a corporation specializing in a variety of preclinical and clinical laboratory services for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industries, plays a key role in the distribution of endotoxin test kits in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in early 2020, the demand for Charles River’s products grew in a variety of ways. Large orders from new customers, frequent orders from regular customers, and warnings from raw materials suppliers all brought uncertainty into their supply chain.

Looking to better understand the growth in demand, predict future demand, and decide if the events were singular or part of a pattern, Charles River relied on our Sales & Operations Planning solution to help them outperform the unexpected.

By using Sales & Operations Planning in 2020, Charles River saw:

  • Decrease backorders
  • 68% decrease in backorder days
  • 86% decrease in items on backorder

Download our case study and watch the video interview to discover how Charles River relied on our Sales & Operations Planning solution to help them outperform the unexpected.

Download Case Study
Charles River
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Can you preventively respond to changes? Absolutely.
Hear directly from Jody Rogers, Director, Global Supply Chain and Integrated Business Planning, as she shares Charles River Labs' supply chain planning journey.
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