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Budgeting, Consolidation and IFRS 16 with CCH Tagetik - Natra case study

Natra implemented CCH® Tagetik Analytic Information Hub. Now they can take advantage of an optimal engine to collect, transform and unify financial data.

With the help of CCH Tagetik and CPMmatters, we benefit from more efficiency, traceability, transparency and a collaborative approach to managing our finance data and results.
Global CFO, Natra
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Natra was challenged with the need to manage highly granular, multidimensional and multicurrency data to complete the month-end closing process including management and financial consolidation and management reports.

Using Excel spreadsheets and an old version of SAP BPC, they were struggling with Excel limitations, and a slow time consuming process that was prone to errors. With new reporting requirements and the inflexibility of the outdated legacy system, they decided to replace their CPM tool.

CCH Tagetik CPM Solutions

Natra implemented CCH® Tagetik Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting, CCH® Tagetik Financial Close and Consolidation, CCH® Tagetik Lease Accounting for IFRS16 and ASC 842 and CCH® Tagetik Microsoft Dynamics connector.

With Microsoft Dynamics as the ERP they handle a total of 19 companies including holding, production, and commercial plants and nearly 19,000 products, divided into different product categories.

CCH® Tagetik Analytic Information Hub - provides the optimal engine to collect, transform and unify raw data.

Main advantages Natra gains with the implementation of CCH Tagetik CPM solutions

Data transparency with direct connection to ERP (MS Dynamics)

Implement a robust, reliable and efficient CPM tool that provides a single “version of the truth” that guarantees value, coherence and ease of maintenance.

Single trusted source for reporting and report flexibility

Clear processes, clear inputs and flexible reporting all in one solution.

Collaborative approach and less time-intensive

Provide a multi-user, decentralized process with a clear workflow model to complete tasks and visualize tasks status.

Aligned Management and Financial Consolidation

From a management perspective, a series of report distributions are made and no matter how these figures are presented, the management and financial consolidation values are aligned.

Faster Planning cycles

The effort required to complete the IC elimination matching activity and the overload of FX rates conversion has been significantly reduced due to the way in which CCH Tagetik handles data.
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CCH® Tagetik Analytic Information Hub is the optimal engine to collect, transform and unify financial data.
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