LegalApril 18, 2019

Bringing transparency and efficiency to Jefferies' legal spend management

Through the increased transparency and additional assistance, ELM Solutions is undoubtedly making us smarter about our system, so we can use it better, which will ultimately result in real, substantial cost savings and discounts down the line.
Vicki Andreadis, Assistant General Counsel, Jefferies LLC

Jefferies, the global investment banking firm, has served companies and investors for over 50 years. The company has used TyMetrix® 360° for over ten years to keep operations on track and optimize their spend management processes.

When an employee left the company, other team members had to take on administrative tasks in addition to their own responsibilities. Read on for how ELM Solutions applications management services have provided additional expertise, increased transparency, and improved Jefferies' return on its ELM investment.