LegalJune 14, 2017

How ORIX turned legal information into business intelligence

It's an exciting time because now we have data. What Passport's matter management system does is allow you to turn legal information into business knowledge. That's how you need to be thinking about the legal information you have in your company.
- Ron K. Barger, Senior Managing Director, Head of Operations and General Counsel, ORIX USA

With little visibility into outside counsel spend and no existing matter management platform, ORIX wanted to manage their matters more efficiently, as well as look deeper into the financial aspect of their legal operations, like billing and budgeting.

ORIX chose Wolters Kluwer's ELM Solutions Passport® because our agile approach to implementation with best-practice based workflows installed and deployed quickly gave them a fast win and accelerated benefits within the department and organization. Now that they have data, they're turning legal information into business knowledge.