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HealthOctober 01, 2019

Care without judgement: Exploring the stories of three extraordinary nurses

Care Without Judgement explores the stories of three extraordinary nurses — all at different phases of their careers and dealing with a changing profession — yet bound by a commitment to help patients.

Meet Stuart, Casey and Meggin — three extraordinary nurses and the critical role they play as part of their integrated care teams. They exemplify leadership in nursing. Watch and learn more about how these inspirational nurses balance the art versus science of nursing.

Care Without Judgement
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Three nurses, one mission: nursing leadership. We take a closer look at how these nurses — all at different phases in their careers — are redefining care. (18:28)
I think nursing is more art than science. I stand on science. I stand on all those things that I know happen in the body. But my real mission is the art of it.
Casey Hobbs, Radio Host and Director of Nursing
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