FinanceNovember 18, 2022

8 Integrated Business Planning (IBP) benefits for CFOs

Why Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is more than a nice-to-have.

For many years, finance professionals have been aware of the potential benefits of Integrated Business Planning. In actuality, the dream of breaking down departmental silos and enabling real-time collaboration across all business divisions and departments has frequently remained just that — a fantasy. 

Today, theory and technology are finally catching up today. 

Advanced software like CCH® Tagetik enables exactly the kind of alignment that CFOs have been trying to achieve to more effectively allocate critical resources in the most profitable way. 

This eBook breakdowns eight ways IBP aligns parts of your business that have historically been disconnected — and how CCH Tagetik helps CFOs master IBP and streamline organizational collaboration.   

What you’ll learn: 

  • How IBP aligns planners, generates resiliency, and improves margins  
  • The must-haves of an IBP software  
  • Why IBP is critical for optimal supply chain planning   
Integrated Business Planning
Bring visibility and agility to planning. Link the entire planning chain with one source of the truth.
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