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Tax & AccountingOctober 13, 2022

3 ways predictive intelligence can help modernize your firm

Is your firm facing problems, such as fast pace technological change, high client expectations, and revenue and profitability pressures? 

While the accounting profession is constantly changing, the good news is that new and advanced technologies can help firms address new challenges they face every day. New technologies like the cloud, integrated platforms, automation of tasks, and advanced technologies stack up quickly, so firms that delay integrating these tools into their firm have a much steeper hill to climb in order to catch up. 

Another area where advanced technologies help firms are identifying areas of future concern using predictive intelligence.

What is predictive intelligence?

Predictive intelligence combines predictive analytics with artificial intelligence to deliver a solution that automatically matches regulatory changes with clients who may be affected. 

We find that we are able to drive innovation faster when we work with expert solutions that incorporate predictive analytics
Jason Marx, President and CEO of Tax & Accounting North America at Wolters Kluwer.

Predictive intelligence can help firms spot which legislative changes have affected each client this year. In today’s climate of ever-increasing regulatory change, it’s time-consuming and mentally draining to determine which clients are impacted by which changes. 

That is why the top firms are modernizing their technologies and software systems using predictive intelligence to help find new legislative and regulatory changes and match them up to their clients.

Predictive intelligence tools can modernize your firm by identifying areas of focus for tax planning and review. Modernizing your firm using predictive intelligence can help your firm identify areas of return that may need additional attention based on recent tax laws. This kind of technology can also help clients understand how changes in the tax law have affected their returns.

Predictive intelligence tools can help your firm proactively communicate with clients. Integration, automation, and the cloud all are necessary for improving client service and efficiency. Embracing advanced technology and software is also necessary for providing the kind of service today’s clients expect.

The top firms in the industry that are growing and scaling have decided to leverage predictive intelligence to further improve client service and profitability. 

Find out 3 ways YOUR firm can use predictive intelligence to modernize your firm with your download the eBook.

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