Personal Tax Automation Tool (powered by FD Intelligence)

An intelligent automation system for CCH Personal Tax that automates the extraction and categorisation of tax data from client documents, potentially slashing the time spent by advisers on manual processes.

In partnership with FD Intelligence, we’ve launched Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for personal tax automation to help your accountancy practice streamline your tax processes, improving efficiency, reducing errors, and saving costs. With RPAs, you can process more tax returns in less time, while ensuring compliance with tax regulations and freeing up staff to focus on higher-value tasks. This scalable solution can give you a competitive edge and help you attract and retain clients who are looking for a modern, efficient, and reliable accounting partner.

Automate entire process

Automation of the entire
tax production process

From collating documents, identifying, and extracting tax-related information, transporting data into CCH Personal Tax, storing the documents, chasing clients to completing returns.

Leverage UiPaths

Leverage Ui-Paths and
best-in-class tools for staff

Embedding dynamic digital experiences for staff, CFOs are seeing the value of digital bots in their tax workforce allowing staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency, reduce errors, and save costs

Streamline your tax processes to complete more tax returns in less time, while ensuring compliance with tax regulations and freeing up staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Secure and compliant

Works 24/7
in the background

Rapid access and implementation to automation solution. Improved process efficiency and business performance, it allows the ability to process high volumes of data.

How does the personal tax tool work?

When income documents arrive via the accounting firm’s inbox or portal, the system automatically downloads the document to a secure processing centre. Reading from single PDFs or multiple attachments, it then classifies each document, checking for income types such as employment income, bank interest, investment income, pensions, or capital gains. Based on its development and training on thousands of similar documents, the tool can recognise a P11D or bank statement, for example. It can even spot information in unstructured data such as emails where a client has written a few lines about dividends, bank interest, or charity donations.

The system then creates a bookmarked PDF working paper for the tax adviser. Once it has downloaded and classified the information, the tool extracts the relevant tax data and presents it back to the tax adviser in a workflow tool for review and approval It then presents a confidence rating on each data extraction, showing that, for example, based on its training it is 99% confident the data is correct. Tax advisers can interact with the tool, checking its work and answering any queries it may have, and it also learns from adjustments made by tax advisers to improve for the future.

The data is then validated against any appropriate business rules, after which the system opens the client’s file in CCH Personal Tax and enters the data into their tax return ensuring existing tax sources from previous years are updated or creating new lines where necessary. Once the tax adviser has checked and approved the return, it is filed with HMRC, which can either be done by the tool or the tax adviser.

FD Intelligence
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Personal Tax Automation with FD Intelligence

FD Intelligence is a technology company that provides RPA solutions for businesses in the UK

The team have over 25 years experience in software delivery, implementing solutions form small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals. They use the best-in-class RPA software from UiPath to automate jobs-to-be-done such as data collection, transactions processing, reporting, and simplified workflows.

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