The advantages of 100% automatic booking

Scanned and recognized purchase invoices are automatically processed super fast on the basis of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Basecone also provides a direct allocation to the correct general ledger account based on historical transactions and an algorithm.
For example, the accounting is always complete, correct and on time.


100% accurate

Scan and Recognize is 100% accurate when processing data. Automation you can rely on.


Substantial time and money savings

Automating the input work saves a lot of time and money.


Everything online

Incoming invoices are stored digitally in your accounting system and directly linked to the booking.


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With Basecone you control the entire authorisation process. Do you want to submit invoices and book invoices faster? Stop thinking about who should agree? Want to see at a glance where your invoices are? It is possible.

Process all invoices and receipts without errors, easily and quickly

Save up to 80% of your time on administrative research
With Basecone premium you can easily upload individual invoices, receipts, documents and declarations. Do you want to use more features? We also offer a declaration and authorization management module.

Fast, efficient and safe pre-accounting software for accountants and companies


time savings through smart solutions


companies work with Basecone


accounting and administrative offices

Basecone where accounting magic happens

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