From compliance to advisory Whitepaper from Wolters Kluwer
Tax & Accounting30 April, 2019

Whitepaper: Reinventing the accounting and tax profession - From compliance to advisory

Advisory services will play a critical part in the evolution of practices as they face the growth challenge head on. Digitalisation has thrown accountants into that period of evolution. How will your practice take on these new challenges?

Wolters Kluwer conducted a survey across more than 700 practices and more than 400 businesses in six European countries. Our research continues to show that compliance work is no longer valued as highly putting pressure on fees and practice profitability. 

Practices are looking to provide new services, such as advisory, to achieve new growth. 

From compliance to advisory Whitepaper from Wolters Kluwer We have created this whitepaper, equipped with the advice and steps you need to have the confidence to take your practice on a journey from compliance to advisory.

In this whitepaper, you will find out:  

  • The key highlights from the Europe wide survey  
  • Why the industry is looking to advisory services and not compliance for new growth  
  • How Making Tax Digital will be the catalyst for change 
  • A step-by-step plan to advisory  
  • How to price and market your new services  
  • How the Wolters Kluwer integrated suite will help you 

The accounting profession is transforming at a rapid pace, abandoning age old processes and experiencing a shift in mindsets. This is a must read for any practice wanted to keep up with the evolution.  

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