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“As a lawyer, what else would you use other than Kleos?”

Tom De Clercq is a lawyer and member of the Ghent Bar; his office is close to the courthouse and the prison. He specialises in insurance and liability law, traffic law, family law, divorces, etc., or as he puts it himself, he is "The domestic lawyer". As a Kleos user from the very beginning, he is happy to illustrate why, for him, Kleos is the number one software for lawyers.  

From Jurisoft to Kleos

I was Jurisoft user, so I went through the transition from Jurisoft to Kleos. I evolved along with the software, so to speak. Jurisoft was already at the time a very useful piece of software, but, with Kleos, we have an improved version, and the ease of use has improved tremendously. Now, with the recent transition to the web version of Kleos, there are even more features. In the office, we most often use the convenient way of exchanging letters, saving documents directly from Outlook into files and the invoicing tool. 

Digitalisation of files

The digitalisation of all files in Kleos has been a huge plus for me. Every year, the archive bulges with physical files and has to be emptied. Fortunately, then there is Kleos where everything is stored. I can safely part with the paper files, knowing that I can, after all, look everything up in Kleos. The other day, for example, I found something in an old file from more than 10 years ago in no time at all without having to go searching through my archive to do so. 

Kleos app

This digitalisation of files means you always have your entire office to hand. You can take that literally because I also use the Kleos app on my smartphone. It has already happened that I was in court and found that I did not have the complete file with me. The app allowed me to check what I needed quickly and easily. Even when I have to wait in court for a while, I use the app to check files or send documents. 

Kleos is for champions

In my spare time, I have been very closely involved as an assistant coach with the Ghent Bar's football team. With our team, we have won both European and world championships in recent years. In early June, we also won the Nations Cup for lawyers. So, I like to close with the following quote: “Kleos is for champions!

Jordi Lozoy

Tom De Clercq

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