The choice of virtually all of Canada’s top accounting firms, the CRA and half of all FP 500 companies, Corporate Taxprep has the most comprehensive collection of federal and provincial forms and tools designed to address complex T2 preparation requirements. It’s Canadian corporate tax software that will maximize your efficiency, optimize your resources and improve your bottom line.
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How Corporate Taxprep helps

T2 Data Connection accelerates your process

T2 data connection reduces tax preparation time by as much as 5o% and improves the accuracy of multi-corporation returns.

GIFI data transfers mean fewer repetitive results

With Corporate Taxprep, you can transfer more than 750 different items from the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) into 25 different forms, saving time and minimizing data entry errors.

Diagnostics reduce errors and rejections

With more than 3,000 easy-to-access diagnostics and edit checks, Corporate Taxprep can help you avoid costly filing errors with Canadian T2 tax returns. It will also help you avoid processing delays or even return rejections.

The Specialized Information Module makes compliance easier

Sold separately, the module contains forms and calculations for the special compliance needs of the resource industry, credit unions, non-profit corporations and financial institutions.

Specialized Information Module Forms

It’s easy to EFILE

The Corporation Internet Filing module allows you to seamlessly EFILE T2 and Quebec CO-17 returns as well as NETFILE Alberta returns. You can even EFILE supporting documents like JPEGs, GIFs and PDFs with your CO-17 returns.

Tax Planning aids help you retain and attract clients

Corporate Taxprep is business tax software that helps you deliver value-added client services like tax planning, with features including a Tax Rates Table and a five-year summary.

Quick access to premier content and award-winning tools

Get your questions answered and stay up to date with links to Preparing Your Income Tax Returns guide (both online and DVD versions are sold separately) as well as other tax research tools. And Corporate Taxprep has InfoConnect functionality.

There’s Corporate Taxprep Lite for firms that do lower volumes of returns

Corporate Taxprep Lite offers all the essential features of Corporate Taxprep at a lower cost. However, there are some restrictions. Contact a Wolters Kluwer representative to find out more.

Integration with other innovative Wolters Kluwer software

You can do even more with Corporate Taxprep when you integrate with other Wolters Kluwer tax research and software.

Industry-leading support, service and training

With Corporate Taxprep corporate tax preparation software, you get Wolters Kluwer’s best-in-class tax and technical support and service. You also have access to industry-leading training delivered by phone, webinars, in-class sessions and conferences.

System Requirements 

Time to buy tax software? Taxprep has all the tax preparation solutions that you need! Contact a representative today to learn more about Taxprep.
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