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    If you’re an existing Cantax customer we continue to offer our Cantax suite to fit your business needs. Explore options below. 
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    • Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File

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    Cantax T1Plus

    The tax software that professionals depend on for personal taxes

    Cantax T1Plus has all the tools you need to work at peak efficiency during tax season. You can accomplish more with Cantax T1 in less time, allowing you to stay focused on providing value-added services.


    Process T1 personal tax returns faster and with greater accuracy.

    • T1 tax returns processed in as fast as two weeks
    • Powerful diagnostics help you catch costly errors
    • Monitor and track your EFILE return status, generate reports and manage your workflow
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      Family returns

      Populate data fields automatically across family returns.

      • Calculate optimal income tax return savings using the entire family’s data
      • Data carries forward to next year’s return

      Pension income splitting

      Maximize your clients’ tax savings, even in the crunch of tax season.

      • Split pension income for maximum tax savings with one click
      • Automatically calculate optimal pension income allocations based on data in the return


      Save time entering data. Last year’s income tax return information is carried forward automatically.


      Catch more than 1,500 errors – before you file.

      • Go to flagged data with one click
      • Access last year’s data, or compare this year’s data to last year


      Make adjustments without having to manually find and update specific lines within the T1 tax return. You’ll be able to generate the changed return – and the spouse’s return – much more quickly.

      Wealth Planner

      Help your clients make better decisions for the future.
      Cantax Wealth Planner combines information from the return with your estimates and assumptions and presents a range of potential situations based on different projections. Estimate tax liability for the coming year and create multiple what-if scenarios. Wealth Planner tools include:

      • Lifetime Tax Planner
      • Investment Tax Planner
      • Family RRSP/RRIF Investment Planner
      • Education Savings Planner
      • Employee Benefits Planner


      Easily find what you need in a T1 return.

      Pathfinder tracks and lists information you enter in a handy, scrollable list. Click on a value you entered and you’re taken right to the field.

    • CRA's AFR Service

      Cantax T1Plus

      Download CRA tax data service
      Streamline your T1 tax return preparation

      The CRA’s secure Auto-fill T1 return (AFR) service is reliable and easy to use with Cantax, saving both you and your clients valuable time.

      To access the Represent a Client service, you’ll need to provide a T1013 authorization from your client, along with your existing CRA credentials. From there you simply click on a download button to connect to the CRA service, and you’re ready to import tax data directly to your clients’ tax returns.

      How it works

      • Connect to the AFR service through Cantax.
      • Transfer data by selecting the fields you want to update.
      • Compare current amounts with amounts downloaded from the CRA on one form, with diagnostics reporting the differences.

      Access a wide range of client information

      • Slips (T3, T4, T4A, T4A(P), T4A(OAS), T4RSP, T4RIF, T4E, T5, T1204, T5007 and T5008)
      • RRSP contribution receipts
      • RC62, Universal Child Care Benefit
      • RC210, Working Income Tax Benefit Advance Payments
      • Rent Assist, formerly Manitoba Shelter Allowance for elderly renters
      • PRPP contribution receipt
      Other tax-related information
      • Instalments
      • RRSP deduction limit and unused contribution
      • Home Buyer’s Plan
      • Lifelong Learning Plan
      • Non-capital losses
      • Capital gains and losses (including the inclusion rate for the year 2000 and the amount of unused net capital losses)
      • Capital gain deductions
      • Federal and provincial tuition, education and textbook amounts
      • Client data enquiry

      Downloading prior-year data

      It is possible to download prior-year tax data. To download data of a given year, you will have to use the Cantax program of the year in question.

      The prior-year data download is only available with the 2015 and 2016 taxation years for now, but the CRA will gradually make available data of additional taxation years until data of the three prior years is available (in addition to the current-year data).

      Note that only data on slips of prior years will be available. In addition, data that does not relate to a specific year, such as carried forward balances, will not be available.

    Cantax T2Plus

    A powerful workhorse for corporate tax returns

    Cantax T2Plus has been the go-to T2 tax software for Canadian professionals for over 30 years, with good reason. It’s the better way to navigate tricky corporate tax returns easily and accurately, so you can get back to the business of offering value-added services.

    Everything you need, anywhere you are

    Cantax T2Plus supports corporation income tax returns in every province and territory except Québec1. And whether your clients do business in one or all of the provinces and territories, you’re prepared. All calculations and common forms are included, plus:

    • You don’t need to remember the name of every lesser-known form – simply perform a keyword search
    • Clients with all kinds of year-end dates? One version of Cantax T2Plus can handle them all.

    There’s a Cantax solution for every size of tax preparation firm.

    Cantax T2Plus lets you file an unlimited number of returns.
    But what if you have simpler needs?

    • If you prepare only 1 or 2 corporate tax returns, choose Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File with Corporation Internet Filing (CIF) and pay only for what you file.
    • If you prepare 3 or fewer corporate returns, our Cantax T2 tax software is a great value, with or without CIF.
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      Productivity features save you time and effort

      • Coverage for part of the current calendar year and roughly two previous tax years
      • Customizable, ready-to-use templates for client letters, invoices, mailing labels and more
      • Completing a form that’s required on separate filings or documents? You can “clone” certain forms to create an extra copy, so you can improve accuracy and save time.

      Increase your efficiency and help more clients

      • Cantax T2Plus has the same easy interface as T1, so you can be off and running almost immediately with those corporate tax returns.
      • In addition to inputting data directly to the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI), you can import data from other accounting or bookkeeping programs, then attach the files to the return for quick reference, along with client correspondence/emails.
      • Save time and increase accuracy, as GIFI information flows automatically to the appropriate field for easy one-time data entry.
      • Create a virtual “paper tape” showing detailed breakdowns of totals in any field to verify your work.
      • Insert review notes to a cell or to the whole return. Use them to communicate with others working on the file or simply to note key issues that need consideration.
      • Double-check and verify important data with built-in features like automated tax calculations, prompts and diagnostics.

      See the big picture – on one screen

      Offering multi-year analysis and advice can mean better client retention for you, so we’ve made it easy for you to review key information with a single keystroke.

      • Income statements and balance sheets now fit on one page. No need to flip or scroll around to see the information you need.
      • Five-year tax snapshot presented in side-by-side columns. Compare multiple tax years easily, without leaving the current year’s return.
      • Data carried forward seamlessly. No importing, no data entry.
    • Corporation Internet Filing (CIF)

      Cantax T2Plus Corporation Internet Filing

      The ultimate time saver

      More and more T2 returns are being filed electronically. All you need is an upgraded version of Cantax T2 and an Internet connection.

      With Cantax you can EFILE in a single click. No outputting from system to system, no printing, no collating and no mailing, and no need to leave the T2 to send the file.

      You’ll save time and avoid late-filing fees. And if your client is entitled to a refund, they’ll get their money faster.

      How it works

      1. Connect. Once you’ve finished a T2 return, connect to the CRA directly from your Cantax software.
      2. Sign in. Enter the Web Access Code (WAC) or EFILER number provided by the CRA.
      3. Upload your file. You’ll receive confirmation of receipt within seconds.

      The CRA uses the same secure Internet technology the banks use for online banking.

    • CIF - Frequently asked questions

      Cantax T2Plus Corporation Internet Filing
      Frequently asked questions

      What is Corporation Internet Filing?

      Corporation Internet Filing is a means to electronically transmit the information contained in a corporate tax return directly to the CRA via the Internet.

      Are there eligibility criteria?

      With the exception of insurance companies, all corporations can use Corporation Internet Filing to file their income tax returns.

      Visit the CRA website for more information on returns that can be filed electronically with the CRA.

      What if I am already registered for EFILE?

      The CIF system is partnered with EFILE to provide “one-stop” registration for tax professionals who file both individual and corporation income tax returns electronically on behalf of their clients. If you are a tax professional who is already registered to EFILE individual income tax returns, you are automatically registered to transmit corporation income tax returns, and will use the same EFILE login information.

      Can the corporation transmit its own income tax return?

      Yes, provided they have a Web Access Code. They can contact the CRA’s Corporation Internet Filing Help Desk at 1-800-959-2803 to make a request. The code will be mailed to them within a few days.

      Is the CIF client authorization process different from the T1 EFILE On-Line/EFILE authorization process?

      No, it is quite similar. For personal tax return purposes, the client must sign Form T183. In the case of corporate returns, the signing officer must sign Form T183CORP.

      What do I need to use the CIF service?

      You will need an Internet connection, the Cantax Corporation Internet Filing module and a browser that supports Transport Layer Security (TLS). The CRA recommends upgrading to a browser that supports TLS 1.2. You must also ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser settings.

      What are the costs involved?

      CIF is included in select Cantax T2 subscriptions. See our order information page for details.

    System Requirements

    Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File

    When you file only a few tax returns a year, choose the right corporate tax software

    Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File is the perfect cost-saving solution for tax professionals who prepare a low volume of tax returns.

    Download the free T2 corporate tax return software and pay only for tax returns you actually file. The cost for each tax return, whether paper filing, or internet filing is $330. That can mean significant savings over purchasing a higher-priced tax package.

    How Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File tax software works

    1. Install Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File tax software.
    2. Connect. When you have completed a corporate return and are ready to print or file electronically, select Purchase Return from the File menu. You will be asked to confirm the tax return’s business number and taxation year start/end dates.
    3. Purchase. A series of dialog boxes will take you through the purchase process. You will be prompted to enter your identification and credit card information.
    4. Print or File. When the purchase is authorized, you can print the return or file it using Corporation Internet Filing.

    System Requirements
    • Frequently asked questions

      Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File frequently asked questions

      Can I EFILE the tax return?

      Yes. The Corporation Internet Filing service is available in Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program.

      Can I file a Québec tax return with Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File?

      No. The Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program covers all jurisdictions except Québec.

      If I prepare a corporate tax return with Cantax T2 or T2Plus, will I be able to read the file with Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File?

      You can load the tax return and examine all the tax forms on your screen. You will not be able to print or EFILE the tax return using the Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program unless you purchase the tax return.

      If I find that I’m preparing more corporate tax returns than I expected this year, can I purchase Cantax T2Plus and receive a credit for the returns I have already purchased?

      You can purchase the Cantax T2Plus program at any time. However, we will not be able to issue credits for tax returns purchased individually. The Cantax T2Plus (unlimited) program is sold on a yearly subscription basis, whereas the Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program is sold on a per-return basis.

      If I have a yearly subscription to Cantax T2 or T2Plus, can I switch to Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File and get a credit for the unused time left on my Cantax T2 subscription?

      No. You should use your Cantax T2 product until the subscription period ends and then switch to Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File.

      If I decide to switch to a full version of Cantax T2, what do I need to do?

      You will need to uninstall the Pay-Per-File version, and then install the new full version. The full version of Cantax T2 has different installation requirements.

      How do I handle software updates and carry forwards with Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File?

      Since the software is free, you can download and install a newer version at any time. You can update Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File returns to a subsequent version or use the File/Carry Forward command in the program.

      I have some late returns to file for tax years previous to what this version will process. How can I prepare those late returns on a pay-per-file basis?

      If you need to prepare late returns that require a previous version of Cantax T2, you can purchase our Cantax Archives, which contains all previous Cantax T2Plus tax programs.

      If I install the Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program on more than one computer, can I prepare and purchase a T2 return on one computer and print the return on another computer?

      Yes. The individual tax return file itself carries the record of purchase, so that file can be printed using any Cantax T2 product with a compatible version number.

    Cantax FormMaster

    The tax forms you need, the data you need to manage

    If you find yourself spending too much time searching for tax forms and entering the same data over and over again, there’s an easier way.

    With FormMaster, you have a tax form library and data manager right on your computer, so you can save time and improve the accuracy of your data.

    • Access up to 175 tax forms with FormMaster and more than 375 with FormMaster Gold
    • Locate CRA and other provincial tax authority forms quickly by keyword search
    • Cross-reference information entered in another form
    • Stay up to date with the latest Canada tax forms updates

    Everything you need, anywhere you are

    Cantax T2Plus supports corporation income tax returns in every province and territory except Québec1. And whether your clients do business in one or all of the provinces and territories, you’re prepared. All calculations and common forms are included, plus:

    • You don’t need to remember the name of every lesser-known form – simply perform a keyword search
    • Clients with all kinds of year-end dates? One version of Cantax T2Plus can handle them all.
    • See all features

      Other time-saving features

      • No need to flip back and forth between tax forms and enter the same data twice. FormMaster quickly cross-references the correct field in the source form.
      • Data, documents and notes are rolled forward year to year, so you can easily access spreadsheets and simple reminders with the appropriate form – no need to enter again.

      Increase your T4 and T5 efficiency

      Cantax FormMaster can help you reduce errors, time and costs.

      • File slips over the Internet, on CD or DVD
      • Easily find the generated slips to submit using our handy wizard guide
      • Quickly convert files from AvanTax eForms software

      Make quick work of preparing trust returns

      Cantax FormMaster includes the full set of T3 forms and calculations.

      • Allocate income evenly to up to 20 beneficiaries, or specify a percentage allocation for each beneficiary
      • Generate T3 automatically

    Cantax including archives 

    Need previous years’ Cantax software?

    Update your subscription to include Archives and get 10 years of Cantax – the current year, plus nine previous years.

    Easy access to the software you need

    Active subscribers can quickly and easily download previous years’ software from our Download Centre.

    Maximum efficiency and full compliance

    All archived Cantax programs are the original versions, so you can rest assured that calculations are accurate for the applicable year.

    Additional resources at your fingertips

    All related documentation, such as Guides, Release Notes, FAQs and Troubleshooting information, is included with Cantax Including Archives.

Tax is our business. You can now prepare tax returns in the cloud with CCH iFirm® Taxprep.
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