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CCH iFirm Taxprep is the industry’s leading professional tax preparation software that helps you maximize productivity, revenue, and efficiency so you can focus on your clients and growing your tax business. 

Relied on by top accounting firms in Canada, as well as thousands of local firms, small practitioners, and Fortune 500 companies, CCH iFirm Taxprep includes a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow tools that assist you and your firm in providing tax planning services to your clients, from anywhere at any time. 

Get the most out of your tax preparation software. Choose between our Essentials, Advanced, or Pro Packages to scale your firm.

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Work seamlessly within one complete cloud solution.

As you gain clients and add associates, CCH iFirm can scale effortlessly with your business by incorporating additional integrated modules to meet your needs. Seamless integration allows you to look for answers to specific return fields with CCH AnswerConnect, edit PDFs within CCH iFirm Documents, send documents to clients through CCH iFirm Portal, and get signatures from them via CCH iFirm Digital Signature

Start and finish the whole job in CCH iFirm.

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CCH iFirm Taxprep Packages

  • CCH iFirm Taxprep Essentials

  • CCH iFirm Taxprep Advanced

  • CCH iFirm Taxprep Pro

CCH iFirm Taxprep Essentials

Deliver high value at a competitive price point

Our foundational package, designed for tax and accounting professionals who are ready to fully support basic to complex returns. Get access to comprehensive diagnostics, autofill my return, tax scenario worksheets, and more. 
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CCH iFirm Taxprep Advanced

Increase productivity and save time with expanded features

Our comprehensive package drives more efficiency and revenue with features that enable you to customize your reporting and diagnostics to avoid errors, save time, and minimize risk.

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CCH iFirm Taxprep Pro

Deliver efficiency with customization and automation for maximum productivity

The complete package includes the full, rich feature set that supports sophisticated tax preparation requirements with the ability to automate, customize, and control your workflow.

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We have had successful tax seasons, and a big reason for that is the efficiency we have with … CCH iFirm Taxprep Pro. We can turn things around quickly and be very organized – meaning we are very productive with relatively low stress.
Soheyl Hemati, CPA, CA, TEP

CCH iFirm Taxprep products 

  • T1/TP1 - Personal

  • T2 - Corporate

  • T3/TP-646 – Trusts

  • Forms

CCH iFirm Taxprep T1/TP1

Get access to unique features that will help you manage your personal tax preparation with advanced optimizations and side by side comparisons and visibility of unresolved diagnostics.

Features include:

  • Quick entry 
  • Import statements and bankruptcy
  • CRA Auto-fill Return reduces data entry, avoids missing slips, and consolidate T3/T5008 slips
  • Automatic T1-ADJ calculates overall impact of changes made to a return after filing

CCH iFirm Taxprep T2

Get access to the most comprehensive set of federal and provincial corporate tax forms available, as well as tools designed to address complex T2 preparation requirements. 

Features include:

  • Transfer more than 750 items from the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) into 25 different forms
  • CRA Auto-fill Return reduces data entry and avoids missing slips
  • Specialized Industry forms
  • Optimize returns for associated organizations with T2 data coupling

CCH iFirm Taxprep T3/TP-646

Get access to forms that can speed up preparation of T3/TP-646 tax returns and use extensive edit checks and diagnostics to reduce errors.

Features include:

  • Multiple methods for specifying beneficiary allocation for income gains, capital gains and trust income
  • Automatic matching and calculations to determine the net amount that can be allocated 
  • Beneficiary summaries
  • Import slips 

CCH iFirm Taxprep Forms

Get access to the complete library of forms, slips, and schedules. You can also exchange data between all slips in CCH iFirm Taxprep and Excel spreadsheets.

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