CCH iFirm® has a centralized client database that allows you to see, at a glance, all documents pertaining to any client and any client’s job.

Increased workflow efficiency

Save your client files permanently at the contact level or save them directly in specific jobs within CCH iFirm. Spend more time billing and serving clients and less time managing your practice.

Always backed up

Experience peace of mind knowing your data is securely stored in CCH iFirm and always backed up with 100% Canadian hosting.  Save the cost of storing data and maintaining your on-premise solution.

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Save CaseWare® files

Store your CaseWare files in CCH iFirm Documents and edit files concurrently with other users. Plus! You can continue to use the same workflow and full potential of CaseWare such as multi-user editing and check-out.

Keep track of your emails

Save your client emails and attachments on CCH iFirm Documents. Store and share emails with your colleagues at any time for increased efficiency and collaboration.

Built-in PDF Editing

Streamline your workflow and directly edit PDF files stored with CCH iFirm Documents without needing to use another application. You can:

  • Annotate the document with highlights, bolds, strikeouts and more
  • Move, add, or remove pages
  • Leave comments with statuses
  • Create and fill out forms

Key Features

  • Save documents within the contact, or within a specific job using CCH iFirm® Jobs and Billing
  • Send critical documents through CCH iFirm® Portal to your clients, creating a seamless experience for them and you
  • Use the search capability to quickly find documents and folders
  • Start managing the versioning of documents and recover from mistakes with previous versions
  • Control document access to read, edit, or delete with user permissions

Disclaimer: Caseware® belongs to CaseWare International Inc.

Better manage your practice and boost your efficiency with the CCH iFirm ecosystem

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