Streamline your workflow and reduce the cost of managing paper files

CCH Scan helps you make your T1 tax return preparation workflow more efficient and reduce file storage requirements. And when integrated with CCH tax return software, CCH Scan is a critical foundation on which to build a paperless practice. CCH Scan allows you to turn the proverbial shoebox of unsorted client information into a single, organized and bookmarked PDF.

How CCH Scan helps:

Eliminates paper from the T1 process

Your administrative staff can use CCH Scan to scan client slips, notes and other correspondence and save it all into a single, organized and bookmarked PDF that’s available to all your tax preparers.

Maximizes productivity

You can let designated staff take care of scanning while your tax preparers focus on higher value work and client service.

Process more returns

With CCH Scan, you reduce data entry time and increase your productivity. That’s because the efficient scanning process means that you can handle more returns without having to hire more staff.

Reduce storage costs

Use CCH Scan with Taxprep software, and you will be able to electronically file all your client documents, reducing storage costs and taking advantage of opportunities to use space other ways.

Easy to find information

CCH Scan clean, rotates and straightens all source documents and saves them into a well-organized PDF file that is available immediately to tax preparers. And Taxprep automatically attaches the PDF to the appropriate return, reducing the time preparers need to spend locating and referring to paper.

Faster response time to CRA requests

All you have to do is click on the scanned receipts and slips in the PDF return file to select and send to the CRA. And you can even record the CRA transaction numbers right on the relevant slips on the PDF.

Save even more time with AutoFlow technology

Available to CCH Scan customers for an additional charge, AutoFlow technology automatically extracts data from 23 slips – including T5013 – and corresponding Quebec slips. This data can then be imported directly into the return in Personal Taxprep tax return software, reducing manual data entry time.

Take advantage of integration with other Wolters Kluwer software

You can do even more with CCH Scan and Taxprep software when you use them alongside other Wolters Kluwer accounting software products.

Industry-leading support, service and training

With CCH Scan, you get Wolters Kluwer’s best-in-class tax and technical support and service. You also have access to industry-leading training delivered by phone, webinars, in-class sessions and conferences.

Save time and money with a standing order

As a standing order customer, your Taxprep Archives will be shipped to you on a priority basis as soon as they are possible. Plus, you will receive special pricing.

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