How can CCH® Engagement fast forward my practice?

CCH Engagement is a powerful trial balance and engagement workflow tool that not only allows you to automate financial statements, workpapers, and tax return preparation, but also provides the tools to manage and perform your engagements in a completely paperless environment.

CCH Engagement leverages Microsoft Word and Excel to provide unprecedented efficiency and integration in the move towards true paperless engagements. It maximizes your staff efficiency by facilitating collaboration among professionals working out of multiple office locations.

  • Streamlined workflow
    CCH Engagement automates the most time-intensive tasks and provides you with tools for managing engagements throughout their life cycle. A central dashboard lets you manage sign-offs and staff communications, organize review notes and view file status instantly.
  • Enhanced collaboration and productivity
    The Central File Room acts like a central office vault where you can create and store client files in one location for easy access by authorized users. Remote functionality lets you work offsite or collaborate with staff from multiple offices.
  • Greater efficiency with Taxprep integration
    Seamless integration lets you export GIFI files to Taxprep while GIFI Dynalink enables real-time data transfer between the two applications so trial balance updates are automatically reflected on your clients’ T2 returns.
  • Increased efficiency
    CCH Engagement is loaded with intelligent functions such as specialized binders and Roll-Forward, which automatically rolls forward and updates all documents for active engagements.
  • Faster, better performance
    Built on Microsoft SQL Server, CCH Engagement is the only trial balance system based on Word and Excel to let you leverage your knowledge of these commonly used tools and enjoy greater flexibility when modifying financial statements.
  • Enhanced security and file integrity
    CCH Engagement maintains security at the program level and creates audit trails that track each user’s actions. Data security is further enhanced with the ability to lock down documents after review or completion.
  • Improved client and file management
    Store and manage all binders and client-related information right in CCH Engagement. This powerful application lets you move information from Windows Explorer and scan paper documents directly into CCH Engagement. A toolbar added to Microsoft Outlook lets you route emails directly to a CCH Engagement binder.
  • Optimized results
    The fund trial balance in CCH Engagement provides the structure for fund accounting to better streamline missions for non-profit organizations and governmental entities where there are multiple funds.

Efficient Paperless Workflow

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Key Benefits

  • CPA Engagement Templates are available on a yearly subscription basis. These templates include electronic audit and review programs and checklists, workpapers and correspondence templates from the Canadian Professional Engagement Manual. Please note that CPA Canada stipulates that subscribers to CCH’s CPA Engagement Templates must also have a current subscription to the Professional Engagement Manual (PEM).
  • Enjoy the convenience of instantly accessible workpapers! Share every document simultaneously and avoid paper binders; synchronize work from any location with the Central File Room and powerful Synchronization Queue; ensure total file integrity; and e-mail an entire binder with one click.
  • Store tax, assurance and consulting engagement binders in an intuitive Windows® Explorer-style file room.
  • Scan documents directly to the binder using enhanced scanning functionality.
  • Automatically create file in PDF format from any application and seamlessly store them in the binder.
  • Automate first year engagements with customized binder templates.•
  • Securely manage every document from inside the program.
  • View the list of staff members assigned to each document.
  • Create, respond to, and clear multiple types of notes.
  • Obtain secure online sign-offs by the preparer and reviewer and lock documents after final review.
  • Wrap up the engagement easily using the Finalize Binder Wizard.
  • Roll forward an entire engagement with a single mouse click.
  • Our comprehensive training and consulting options will have you up and running in no time.
  • Efficiently review engagements using dual monitors, allowing you to look at workpapers side by side.
  • Manage binder and workpaper completion dates to ensure compliance.
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