The easiest way to work

CCH iFirm Portal is a practice management solution that provides a secure channel in which you can work with your clients online at every level, securely sharing documents, data and reports. In addition to significantly enhancing your day-to-day dealings and relationships, the impressive, easy to use platform will encourage nothing but kudos from your clients.

First class encryption

For your peace of mind, CCH iFirm Portal employs the very latest tried and tested security innovation. So you know that whatever you’re sending, sharing or communicating, you can be confident that no one else is intercepting or viewing your material, for example, your online invoices.

Intelligent integration

CCH iFirm is integrated with Taxprep. With this integration, you will be able to send tax returns from Taxprep to your client portals.
Better manage your practice and boost your efficiency with the CCH iFirm ecosystem