Evolving Audit for Your Future

In today’s ever-changing environment firms need nimble processes that enable easy reaction to needed changes in the audit, and an end-result that offers valuable insights that will help the client grow their business. Don't rely on inflexible audit systems that simply repeat the same steps in every audit, often resulting in noncompliance. Instead, leverage our Integrated Audit Approach. It supports an ever-evolving data-driven audit, enabling you to evolve with it and further your audit team's success. The result is a win-win for you and your clients. This fully integrated approach drives efficiencies, includes risk-based methodology for compliance and analytics that help you deliver better client insights. Replace repetitive, time-consuming steps in your workflow with patented and award-winning solutions that empower firms to go beyond expectations and with greater confidence. Cloud-based and on-premise options are available.

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Accounting & Audit Solutions

  • CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach

  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach

  • CCH Axcess™ Engagement

  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement

  • CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep

  • TeamMate® Analytics
  • CCH® Accounting Research Manager®
  • CCH Axcess™ Validate

CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach

Produce data-driven, future-ready audits, preparations, compilations and reviews with cloud audit software. Built on a knowledge-based approach, you will find all of your audit practice aids for planning, risk assessment, review and team collaboration in CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach. Maximize audit efficiency and quality while ensuring compliance with AICPA auditing standards.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach

Increase quality with digital audits that link risks to procedures and employ dynamic audit diagnostics. CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach is an on-premise, peer-reviewed digital audit management solution helps auditors optimize efficiency and save time with automated updating and roll forward capabilities.

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CCH Axcess™ Engagement

Rely on CCH Axcess Engagement to help you complete every engagement more efficiently and with greater confidence. Eliminate your frustrations with wasted time checking-in/out and syncing workpapers, repeating the same steps multiple times and applying time consuming updates. Your engagement workflow benefits from real-time team collaboration and tasks are simplified using client data. Our assisted account grouping alone can save as much as 1-hour on every trial balance. CCH Axcess Engagement enables firms of all sizes to complete every job quicker in our secure, reliable, compliant cloud-platform.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement

Improve efficiency with a digital workflow that streamlines every step and monitors the progress of engagements. CCH ProSystem fx Engagement accounting software provides a central hub for all of your audit and tax engagements and can improve engagement efficiency by as much as 40%. Easily manage workpapers, trial balances, and workflow and access files anytime, anywhere.

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CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep

The industry’s first cloud-based trial balance software for business taxes, that integrates with CCH Axcess™ Tax. CCH Axcess Financial Prep also integrates with Xero™ and QuickBooks® Online for fast, easy upload of client data. With intelligent grouping and trial balance automapping, it automatically creates financials and lead sheets for you to review and adjust before sending balances to CCH Axcess Tax.

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TeamMate® Analytics

Data analytics is a critical part of the audit workflow. Automate audit tests with TeamMate Analytics data analysis tool relied on by more than 60,000 auditors in over 70 countries. Containing a test library of more than 150 tools, this easy-to-use solution helps every auditor incorporate the power of analytics into every audit.

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CCH® Accounting Research Manager®

Highly integrated with Knowledge Coach, CCH Accounting Research Manager and Knowledge-Based Audit Guides provide industry-specific guidance and make researching and linking source documents easier than ever. Hyperlinks within Knowledge Coach lead directly to interpretive and authoritative guidance.

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CCH Axcess™ Validate

When it comes to authorizations and audits, what used to take a day to complete, at minimum, can now be done in 5 minutes or less using CCH Axcess Validate. This true cloud-based confirmation and validation solution benefits CPA firm auditors, client approvers and participating financial institutions by gathering confidential 3rd party audit evidence, in accordance with profession accounting standards for auditors. 

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