Fast-track bank confirmations with CCH Axcess Validate 

When it comes to authorizations and audits, what used to take a day to complete, at minimum, can now be done in 5 minutes or less using CCH Axcess Validate. This patented solution is a true cloud-based confirmation and validation product that benefits CPA firm auditors, client approvers and participating financial institutions by gathering confidential 3rd party audit evidence, in accordance with professional accounting standards for auditors. 

No longer will the auditor need to transmit anything for authorization to access the client’s information. Instead, the authorization is provided by the client through direct interaction with a financial institution’s online systems for authentication. Using patented blockchain technology to exchange the requests and replies between the parties, CCH Axcess Validate provides a certified audit trail showing proof of all interactions and identities of the involved parties. This enhanced data-driven process includes deep integration with CCH Axcess core staff and client modules and will also integrate with CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach in the near-future.

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In 2023, all CCH Axcess audit solutions are getting new names.

Start fast-tracking your bank confirmations today! 

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