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Wolters Kluwer is dedicated to helping professionals fulfill their continuing professional education (CPE) requirements as well as helping them stay up to date on the latest changes in their practice areas. At CCH CPELink, we offer an efficient, effective way to meet your mandatory CPE requirements with live webinars and web-based self-study courses. You learn from experts in your field while earning online CPE credits from wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for you.

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CCH CPELink Webinars

Hundreds of live webinars are available each year covering a variety of topics. Webinars range from one hour up to a full-day eight-hour course.

Live webinars are the most convenient way to earn your CPE. You get coverage of today’s hot topics — usually presented in 100 minutes (2 CPE hours) — an easy length to fit into your schedule. You get a high quality, interactive course led by an expert instructor. Plus, you have the flexibility to log in from anywhere and there is no test required.

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CCH CPELink Self-Study

Our self-study courses let you dive deeply into specific topics as well as brush up on the fundamentals of your practice area. These convenient courses are mobile-friendly and interactive. Best of all, they can be done when it’s most convenient for you. There’s no need to drive to a class at a scheduled time and date — it can all be done at home or on the go if that’s what suits your needs. We offer our online courses individually, as value bundles, certificate programs and as learning paths.  Available in on-demand or downloadable PDF formats.

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CCH CPELink Subscription Packages

Accounting and tax professionals deserve a convenient, hassle-free way to complete their continuing professional education (CPE) requirements. That's why CCH CPELink offers several subscription packages that help you meet your CPE needs. Starting at 20 hours, up to unlimited CPE hours, you can choose the package that meets your CPE needs.

Every CCH CPELink subscription package comes with the Compliance Manager feature, which monitors your CPE deadlines and mandatory subject requirements.

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With CCH CPELink, you can meet your continuing professional education requirements with convenient online courses, led by expert instructors in the tax and accounting industry.
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