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Manage risk throughout the lifecycle of your liens

Take advantage of a suite of tools that help you monitor UCCs and business entities. Spot, manage, and minimize threats to lien perfection after the initial filing. 

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Implement workflows that scale with your business 

Leverage solutions that help you handle increased speed and volume of transition. Stay efficient and competitive as you grow. 

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Break through barriers to portfolio visibility

Access filing and search portfolios in one place — no matter where you filed your liens, or which jurisdiction you searched. Analyze and understand your portfolio health. 

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Solutions for in-house UCC filers
For lenders that file UCCs to secure loans, you likely face pressure to optimize your secured lending processes, to mitigate risk to your lien portfolio, and to enhance your documentation and reporting capabilities. If you file UCCs in-house, these pressures only intensify. You need the right partner and technology to help you overcome common challenges to securing your assets.

Learn about challenges in-house filers face

Perfect and Protect ebook
Perfect and Protect
Learn about the top three challenges for companies that perform filing with the Secretary of States.

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