Get compliant and improve your profitability with CCH Tagetik for Insurance.

In an endless battle to reduce risk, balance policy premiums with payouts, and comply with demanding regulations, the insurance industry is under greater pressure than ever before. CCH Tagetik for Insurance comes complete with insurance-specific drivers for agile planning and built-in disclosure reporting functionality for compliance.

Our high-powered data engine enables you to process volumes of contractual data and complex calculations. You can project gross written premiums, loss ratios, commissions, and earned premiums and use the results to forecast profitability by product, division or delivery channel. With CCH Tagetik's trusted data source, financial and insurance-related data are aligned, enabling finance and risk management teams to collaborate on business decisions that steer financial performance and reduce risk.

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3 reasons why CCH Tagetik for Insurance lets you focus on your business

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  • Eno
  • Aegon Asset Management
CCH Tagetik is agile, flexible and able to react. The speed of response and availability are quite exceptional. The most positive impact is that we now press a button and we have our quarterly data. One of the big advantages is the modular approach CCH Tagetik chooses to implement new legislation and functionalities.
Erwin Dodemont
Having seen lots of various applications, I am impressed by the way CCH Tagetik supports the business in gathering and modelling financial data, either for Consolidation or for Solvency II. The way the application documents various batch processes is extremely good. Auditors will love this application for its auditability and traceability.
Anton Verver
CCH Tagetik has specific features that are well suited to the insurance industry. The most notable way that CCH Tagetik has impacted the productivity and effectiveness of our processes is that it’s much more automated. It helps us close the books faster and it frees up our peoples’ time. I would certainly recommend that all companies to consider the opportunity of CCH Tagetik.
Rishi Santokhi
Europ Assistance
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Tailored planning for insurance needs

Insurtech, increased regulation, digitization - CCH Tagetik keeps you agile in the face of disruption. Use our intelligent planning tools to optimize gross written premiums, reinsurances, acquisition costs, and initiative planning and respond to change confidently.

  • Play out what-ifs to adjust insurance premiums
  • Detailed-level allocations for product costing
  • Analyze pricing and margins scenarios
  • Meet statutory and compliance requirements
  • Gain full traceability and auditability
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One solution from close through disclosure

The insurance industry’s disruption extends to increased and complex regulatory scrutiny. From Solvency II to IFRS 17, close through disclosure, CCH Tagetik serves out a single source of validated data to all financial processes so you can be confident in your data every step of the way.

  • Built-in financial intelligence
  • Automate IFRS17 compliance
  • Get compliant via packaged regulatory solutions
  • Manage complex accounting requirements
  • Intuitive process-driven workflow
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Happy Customers
CCH Tagetik's CPM Solutions for Insurance is trusted by leading companies across all industries.
  • Samsung Life Insurance
  • Generali
  • Aegon
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Samsung Life Insurance's path to IFRS 17 excellence with CCH® Tagetik

Samsung Life Insurance's path to IFRS 17 excellence with CCH® Tagetik

Explore how Samsung Life Insurance and CCH Tagetik are revolutionizing IFRS 17 compliance.
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Transforming finance: Generali's journey to sustainable reporting

Transforming finance: Generali's journey to sustainable reporting

Explore Generali's transformative journey in financial reporting and sustainability, discovering purpose-driven initiatives and future opportunities in ESG reporting.
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Empowering Aegon's business decisions with CCH® Tagetik's flexible financial reporting

Empowering Aegon's business decisions with CCH® Tagetik's flexible financial reporting

Discover how CCH® Tagetik revolutionized Aegon Asset Management office of finance, enabling flexible financial reporting and data-driven decisions.
CPM Solutions for Insurance Resources
Compliance Regulatory Reporting
Comply quickly. Report accurately. Follow the rules – with ease.
Financial Close & Consolidation
Manage your financial close and consolidation with CCH Tagetik's software from local close to group consolidation to regulatory reporting and disclosure.
Insurance Contracts: IFRS 17
Reduce risk. Pre-packaged IFRS 17 compliance.
Solvency II
Three pillars, one simple solution. Pre-packaged Solvency II Compliance.
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