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Empowering healthcare professionals with trusted and unified clinical decision support solutions

Healthcare professionals are the driving force behind change, pushing decision-makers into action and envisioning healthcare organizations that focus on collaboration, compassion, and care. However, increased cost pressures, limited time and resources, and inconsistent care across the care continuum negatively impact care teams, leading to waste and inferior patient outcomes. Despite clinicians' best efforts, healthcare organizations can fall short, affected by inefficiencies, and unsafe practices that harm patients and undermine the morale of care teams.

Globally, the number of healthcare workers declined from 20 million in 2013 to 15 million in 2020, with a projected decrease to 10 million by 2030.

Addressing burnout and clinician shortages in healthcare

Although healthcare organizations are making efforts to improve patient safety, unsafe medical practices and medication errors continue to cause avoidable harm in healthcare settings globally, resulting in significant financial and human costs.

When considering the cost of institutional fatigue and clinician burnout, the stakes could not be higher. It is not just a complex issue, but a daunting one. The impact of burnout on healthcare professionals, patients, and the healthcare system is significant and cannot be ignored. It is crucial to address this issue with urgency and invest in solutions that can help combat burnout.

The World Health Organization (WHO) outlines the following patient safety concerns including1:

  • 1 in 300 chance of harm in healthcare.
  • $42B USD global cost associated with medication errors.
  • 7 million people experience disabling surgical complications annually, from which over 1 million die.
  • 1 in 10 patients harmed in hospitals.
  • 15% of health spending wasted dealing with adverse events.

The benefits of digital transformation in healthcare operations

At Wolters Kluwer, we are committed to providing healthcare professionals with the resources that are essential to succeed. Digital transformation can play a significant role in optimizing healthcare operations and improving patient outcomes. By investing in the right resources, integrating with other systems, enabling faster and smarter decisions, and protecting the quality and curation of evidence-based recommendations, healthcare organizations can reduce costs, improve patient safety, and optimize operations.  

Empowering healthcare professionals with coordinated resources and evidence-based information

We have developed integrated resources that enable healthcare professionals to make faster and more informed decisions while safeguarding the quality of evidence-based recommendations. Partnering with clinicians from the start of the process and listen to their pain points. By working together with clinicians on the frontline of care to inspire systemic change and influence the latest solutions in clinical team enablement to fix gaps in the care journey to protect the patients they serve.

By now unifying our market-leading solutions under the UpToDate® brand, we're delivering reliable and accurate solutions that empower all stakeholders to overcome the challenge of fragmented care delivery. Our evidence-based drug referential solution UpToDate® Lexidrug™ (formally known as Lexicomp®). Together with UpToDate, our industry-leading clinical decision support (CDS) solution, they not only demonstrate a commitment to unifying content, fostering innovation, and ensuring trusted content but also reflect a dedication to scaling for the needs of tomorrow.

Research shows that the average doctor has 15-20 unanswered questions per day. And if they don’t have access to a CDS solution, an average of 60% of those questions are answered. Further, when they do have access to a CDS solution, they change 5-8 decisions on average. These could be life-changing decisions. This shows that using a CDS solution creates better outcomes faster, which is a core goal of digital health. Not using a CDS solution wastes time and, worse, risks negative consequences for patients.

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Rapid and accurate clinical decision-making with CDS solutions in healthcare

Convenience is not always accurate or safe in healthcare. Depending solely on colleagues, textbooks, journals, Google or ChatGPT, free or low-cost local software, or multiple, disconnected, and/or outdated tools can be risky.

Healthcare professionals deserve access to the most cutting-edge technology, coordinated evidence-based information, and trusted CDS solutions. They should have a healthcare system that enables them to deliver exceptional care that is streamlined, impactful, and empathetic.

Global clinician shortages are looming and this could lead to a healthcare crisis worldwide in the next decade. Together, with you, we are dedicated to understanding solutions to these issues and working to provide clinicians with the tools they need to make faster and more accurate clinical decisions, leading to more efficient and streamlined workflows. UpToDate is trusted by millions of healthcare professionals worldwide. Our users include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals who rely on UpToDate for the latest medical evidence and guidelines to inform their decision-making. UpToDate is used in over 190 countries and has been shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Our CDS solutions will support clinicians in their learning and enable coordinated resources across the expanded care team to prevent lapses in treating patients caused by physician shortages. We are committed to driving change and improving the healthcare system for all and we can empower healthcare professionals to provide high-quality care that is efficient, effective, and compassionate.

When clinicians can rapidly determine the correct medication dose, calculation, or diagnosis, they can order relevant tests faster and initiate appropriate treatment sooner — saving time, eliminating unnecessary costs, and improving patient care.

Let’s work together to achieve what matters most - positive healthcare outcomes for all.

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Christian Cella
Vice President, Health Clinical Effectiveness International
As Vice President, Health Clinical Effectiveness International of Wolters Kluwer, Christian Cella, MBA, leads the International Segment in increasing clinical decision support solution adoption in the healthcare industry.
Over 2 million clinicians worldwide trust UpToDate to make the best care decisions.
Use of UpToDate clinical decision support is associated with improved outcomes.
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