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When it comes to authorizations and audits, it's now possible to get done in 5 minutes or less what used to take a day to complete, at minimum. Rely on a patented solution that leverages blockchain for added security that benefits the CPA firm auditor, client approvers, and participating financial institutions by gathering confidential 3rd party audit evidence, in accordance with professional accounting standards for auditors. With CCH Axcess Validate, you can:

  • Save time
  • Increase security
  • Streamline processes
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Accelerate bank confirmations with cloud-based audit software


Speedy, simple 3-step process

As easy as 1-2-3. The process is simple and fast. Auditor requests financial information. Client validates request through their bank's online system. Through blockchain technology, certified audit trail shows proof of all interactions and identities involved.


Eliminate existing pain points

With CCH Axcess Validate, you'll no longer need to worry about exposing client data to fraudulent actors, limiting the sample of data examined, jeopardizing the audit's accuracy or creating increased liability for your firm. An investment definitely worth making.


Added benefits

Other benefits Validate brings to the audit workflow include not waiting for bank staff for you to collect requested client information and deep integration with CCH Axcess core staff and client modules simplifying the audit for both the auditor and their client.

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Moving to the Cloud with CCH Axcess™
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