Accelerating telehealth and virtual care adoption

While telemedicine had long been expanding its reach prior to 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated telehealth and virtual care adoption—forcing clinicians, health systems, and health plan companies to adjust care delivery models nearly overnight.

But pandemic or not, this hybrid approach to care has significant staying power in this new age where patients defer care to avoid in-person visits and request and require more flexible care models to meet their needs. As more people expect the caliber of virtual care to match an in-person visit, providers are challenged to address those demands compliantly and completely while sustaining business viability.

Moreover, these expectations are evolving against a backdrop of changing rules, regulations, capabilities, and billing practices for telehealth. With innovative solutions that keep clinicians informed on the trends while making the most of their virtual care models, we aim to address these challenges for a more seamless transition to hybrid, and patient-centered care.

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Follow what’s new in telehealth

Stay updated and compliant with the latest telehealth regulations and technologies, while delivering quality patient care from anywhere at anytime.

Discover hidden insights

Balance hybrid care priorities

Triage in-clinic visits and reduce wasted costs by reaching more patients in the safety of their own home with integrated, personalized education and technologies.

Learn the latest techniques

Know the right billing codes

Ensure accurate billing and complete patient medical records with reference data sets that keep you apprised of telehealth codes and best practices.

Resources for navigating telehealth and virtual care

From staying current in the evolving telehealth space to ensuring proper reimbursement for your providers, learn from our Wolters Kluwer experts.

Solutions to optimize telemedicine

With tools that help stakeholders support and provide excellent virtual care, our expert solutions help hospitals, health systems, and health plan companies make sense of new trends, technologies, rules, and insights to ensure a more streamlined and effective approach to telehealth.

Optimizing telehealth for hospitals and health systems

The quick shift toward hybrid care models has stretched and challenged sites of care in several ways—from having to scale up telehealth reach to driving business continuity across delivery platforms. These solutions help providers meet expectations head-on.

Latest expert insights on engaging patients with technology

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