As Director of Clinical Content Strategy, Dr. Bond leads initiatives to ensure clinical content continuously evolves to meet the needs of users, customers, and their environment.

Her life’s work is centered around improving healthcare decision-making and patient outcomes by creating content that improves diagnostic and therapeutic accuracy, with particular emphasis on bringing technology to the fore. Dr. Bond believes that high-quality information should be accessible and understandable to anyone who needs to make a healthcare decision and that incorporating new technologies like generative AI can enable universal accessibility when properly trained.

In addition to her work with Wolters Kluwer, Dr. Bond maintains a faculty position at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where she cares for patients, teaches the next generation of healthcare providers, and continues research. She received her BA from Columbia University, New York City, NY, and MD from Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.

Dr. Bond combines practicality, collaboration, and forward-thinking innovation to push the boundaries of possibility, delivering effective solutions for conveying complex information and enabling exceptional patient care.

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