Originally from Italy and now residing in Madrid, Christian is Vice President of the International Segment for the Clinical Effectiveness business of Wolters Kluwer Health.

He leads the business’s efforts to increase the incorporation of the UpToDate® and Medi-Span® clinical decision-support solutions across the healthcare industry to reduce clinical variability and improve clinical effectiveness.

Christian joined Wolters Kluwer Health in 2007 within the International Segment, holding various positions in the Strategy and Product Marketing Department across multiple geographies. He joined the leadership team in 2019, serving as the Vice President of International for the medication decision support solution Medi-Span before stepping into his current role in 2022.

Christian supports major health systems and ministries of health worldwide to adopt clinical decision-support solutions and embed those into their health IT ecosystems, allowing them to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital transformation while improving clinician workflow and patient outcomes.


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