We offer multiple complimentary training options designed to help you maximize the value of your Wolters Kluwer subscription, including:

Find your Wolters Kluwer LRUS platform subscription(s) below and click the link to access the training option of your choice. 
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VitalLaw Training

VitalLaw Self-paced Video Tutorials & More
VitalLaw Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)

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RBsourceFilings (RBSF) Training (Including IPO Vital Signs)

RBSF Self-paced Video Tutorials & More  
RBSF Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)

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VitalLaw for Corporate Counsel Training

VitalLaw for Corporate Counsel Overview Video
VitalLaw for Corporate Counsel Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)

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Kluwer Intellectual Property (Kluwer IP) Training

Monthly Webinar! Kluwer IP Introductory Training (Register Here)
Kluwer IP Law - Manual IP Video
Kluwer IP Law - Search & Favorites
Kluwer IP Law - UPC Case Law Tracker Video
Kluwer Law IP Quick Start Card
Kluwer IP Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)

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Kluwer Arbitration Training

Monthly Webinar! Kluwer Arbitration Introductory Training (Register Here)
Kluwer Arbitration Overview Video
Kluwer Arbitration Case Page/Citation Feature Video
Kluwer Arbitration Profile Navigator & Relationship Indicator Video
Kluwer Arbitration Templates & Examples Video
Kluwer Arbitration Quick Start Card
Kluwer Arbitration Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)

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Kluwer Competition Training

Monthly Webinar! Kluwer Competition Introductory Training (Register Here)
Kluwer Competition Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)
Kluwer Competition Tools, FDI-Procedure Pro and State Navigator Video
Kluwer Competition Tools, Search & Favorites Video
Kluwer Competition Law Quick Start Card

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ktMINE Training

ktMine Overview Video
ktMine Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)

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Corporate Counsel Profiler (CCP) Training

CCP Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)

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Almanac of the Federal Judiciary (AFJ) Training

AFJ Overview Video  
AFJ Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)

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ftwilliam.com (FTW) Training

ftwilliam Self-paced Video Tutorials & More
ftwilliam Training Calendar (Sign Up)

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MediRegs Research Suites Training

MediRegs Research Suites Customized Training Calendar (Sign Up)
MediRegs Research Suites Self-paced Video Tutorials & More

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