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Corporate21 gennaio, 2020

The Global Innovation Awards: Innovation led by employees

Innovation has always been part of the Wolter Kluwer DNA and is always focused on the customer.

The Global Innovation Awards (GIA), a global competition where Wolters Kluwer employees come together and develop innovative solutions from within the organization, wrapped up its ninth edition in December 2019 with our tenth edition well underway.

The Global Innovation Awards is our organization’s largest innovation competition and has seen 75 percent of winning ideas brought to life. The program features new products and solutions that contribute to our ongoing shift to global platforms and cloud-based, integrated expert solutions.

In 2019, we received 260 submissions, all of which put our customer and their pain points front and center to their innovation.

The concept behind GIA was to give ideas that were already being funded, company-wide recognition and exposure. Any one of our 18,600 employees can pitch an idea in the categories: core business, game-changers or internal processes. Ideas can come from an existing pipeline, new in the market products and services or other projects that are in the early stages of development and solve a business or customer problem.

All of the finalist’s innovations were evaluated to the strictest criteria by the Innovation Board. Headed by Wolters Kluwer CEO, Nancy McKinstry, the Innovation Board is composed of internal stakeholders and external innovation luminaries.

Where are our winners now?

Meet some of our innovation winners and hear about their journey since the innovation tournament.

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