Our company recognizes that client business needs will change over time. That’s why we’ve developed solutions that allow each client to easily tailor its TyMetrix® 360° application to align with its organization’s strategic objectives. A collection of application modules can be selected to complement and enhance your TyMetrix 360° e-billing and legal matter management solution.

Each application module comes with core functionality that can be implemented with little or no configuration or has the flexibility to be customized to meet a client’s unique needs. Want to streamline daily management of key matters and cases right from your inbox? Seeking ways to more effectively utilize alternative fee arrangements (AFAs)? Need to optimize outside counsel selection? Whether addressing these types of challenges right now or sometime in the future, the TyMetrix 360° library of application modules provide each client with the ability to adapt its solution to support evolving business needs and processes.

TyMetrix 360° application modules

  • Accrual Review
    Easily track unbilled or predicted time and expenses and efficiently manage the review of budgets and accruals. This module integrates seamlessly with the invoicing workflow to extend spend management capabilities, allowing for deeper and more up-to-date tracking of expenditures.
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  • Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs)

    Successfully negotiate and establish alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) and automatically enforce compliance with the arrangement. This module enables organizations to evaluate each AFA to determine its effectiveness in driving down costs and increasing firm efficiency.

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  • Diversity

    Automate the process of capturing diversity data information of legal service providers to help drive and support diversity initiatives. This module tracks compliance against program objectives over time and provides metrics and dashboards for reporting. It not only tracks diversity at the firm level but also across their timekeeper roles.

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  • Fast Pay Discount
    Automate the management of discount agreements established with law firms and other vendors. This module will help improve the invoice review process and automatically track, manage, and monitor discount agreements to ensure that clients receive the full value of each arrangement.
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  • Invoice Appeals
    Streamline the invoice appeals process for any fees or expenses that are adjusted. By eliminating the need to resubmit invoices for rejected or adjusted charges, clients gain the ability to stem any unresolved issues with legal service providers in a timely, transparent and efficient manner.
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  • Legal Holds

    Drive operational efficiencies by automating the legal hold process and ensure that potential evidence is preserved when litigation is anticipated. This module offers an easy-to-use workflow for automating the assignment, notification, and administration of custodian acknowledgements that minimizes risk and maximizes defensibility. With advanced survey features and integrated reporting, you will gain valuable insights and transparency into your legal holds process.

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  • LegalVIEW® Predictive Insights
    Confidently make firm selection decisions based on criteria important to your organization through AI-driven predictions. Easily determine which law firms are best for each litigated matter, as well as predictive budget and cycle time information. This module helps generate a ranking of the best law firms for litigated matters, providing insightful, predictive data to drive better outcomes when it comes to law firm assignment.
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  • Office Companion

    TyMetrix 360° Office Companion helps legal professionals easily and efficiently manage their matter-related information directly within the tools they are most comfortable using: Microsoft Office.

    Designed for the way you work, users can seamlessly access and manage their matter-related emails, documents, and notes directly from Outlook, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint without switching applications. Office Companion improves productivity and helps streamline matter management workflows with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that allows staff to get more done.

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    1.2 billion users spend 60% of their time in Microsoft Office. So, it only makes sense to work where you want to work - directly in Microsoft Office using Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
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  • Panel Management
    Effectively organize and associate panels to the correct matters for matter assignment. All matter details, firm ratings, matter outcomes, timekeeper rates, and invoices for each firm are available directly within one system, allowing in-house professionals to compare different firms easily and quickly. This module offers clients the control and visibility needed to effectively manage costs, reduce risk, and improve departmental efficiency.
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  • Smart Assist (Outlook® add-in)
    Seamlessly manage legal invoice review workflows and tasks directly within Microsoft® Outlook. Smart Assist utilizes the latest Microsoft add-in technology to provide users the ability to view, approve, reject, and adjust invoices right from Outlook without having to switch between multiple applications. Conveniently access on your desktop or anywhere using the Office 365 Outlook web app.
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  • Timekeeper Rate Management
    Enable more efficient, effective, and transparent management of legal service provider resources. With this module, users gain the ability to set up company or individual role rates, alternative fee arrangements (AFAs), and view timekeeper benchmark rates to ensure that proposed rates are fair in comparison. With the ability to approve, adjust, and reject rates by timekeeper roles, users can consistently enforce all timekeeper rates and ensure they meet agreed-upon billing guidelines.
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