Finance 19 juillet, 2019

Hempel conserve ses publications liées à la conformité et ses rapports financiers alignés grâce à la plateforme unifiée de CCH Tagetik dans le Cloud !

La Finance n'est plus qu'un simple back office et a désormais besoin d'être productive au sein de l'entreprise. Découvrez comment Hempel s'adapte facilement aux nouveaux défis, aux nouvelles exigences, améliore la confiance et élimine les incohérences avec une source unique de données financières.

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Right now the challenges that we are having a huge amount of entities, we have a very very detailed chart of account, our main pain isto have a good management reporting system, until now we have not really divided it into statutory and management, developing our new processesyou're trying to divide it without losing any details.

Having data available for the users on a faster and smarter way and being able torely on our data is very important, we have one to one between our ERP system and CCH Tagetik, being able to know that it's the truth we are working with.

Choosing CCH Tagetik was easy for us because we have a Microsoft strategy and at that time we didn't want to go for big Oracle, IBM,we wanted someone who actually was more like us.

We have consolidation and planning and then we utilize CCH Tagetik as data collection tool as well.Over the last 10 years I think that we had a huge success in having the closing much faster,less than half of the time that we spent before, even our planning process is also less than half we did before.

Recently CCH Tagetik came up with a new platformand we're very very eager to utilizing the new features and also be ready for the new demands for Finance.

We recently acquired another company, we tend to do that once or twice a year, it's easy for us in terms of CCH Tagetik terminology,we can actually very very fast incorporate new businesses.

Being agile is very very big thing for us, so that we easily can change, adapt to new challenges, new management and that we could do it by ourselves.

I would definitely recommend CCH Tagetik to others, it's true that it's easy to use, you're part of a vendor that actually wants to develop what you need and not just what he wants to deliver.

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