Foster Agility, Manage Risk and Drive Efficiency Across the Life SciencesSupply Chain with CCH® Tagetik

For pharma and life sciences, risk exposure has been amplified by urgency and uncertainty in today’s health climate. To boost R&D and bring lifesaving drugs to market, finance needs the insight to be agile and the data intelligence to make better decisions faster.

Through AI, and advanced data processing, you’re equipped with the predictive planning power to match supply realities to demand assumptions, optimize profitability, boost clinical trial efficiency and accelerate R&D. By connecting supply chain constraints with financial objectives, you’ll fine-tune drug development lifecycles and sustain revenue growth.

With insightful planning, automated consolidation, and high-gloss reporting, CCH® Tagetik for Pharma helps you to confidently drive strategic decisions and ensure long-term value creation.

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3 reasons why CCH® Tagetik for Pharma lets you focus on your business

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  • Vemedia - Eelco Spiker
  • Charles River
  • Natrol LLC

I think CCH® Tagetik has improved the reliability of the data because we have a lot of diagnostics. It has added the most value by allowing brand profitability to be more easily available. We would totally recommend CCH® Tagetik to others. When we were acquired by a french shareholder, we recommended CCH® Tagetik to them. After we gave them a demo they adopted it, so I think it's being adopted very well through the organization.

Eelco Spiker

[CCH® Tagetik’s] innovative approach to aligning sales and demand data with forecasting models to feed predictive analytics greatly advanced our ability to accommodate COVID-19 demand spikes. By incorporating an AI-driven, data enriched model, we not only reduced back orders relative to the prior year, but also met the great COVID-19 increase in demand, enabling vaccines to be safely distributed while not delaying the vaccine supply chain.

Jody Rogers

[CCH® Tagetik] is a premier forecasting tool for businesses of all sizes. The data flexibility, reporting tools, continuous support is why we chose [CCH® Tagetik] over other software solutions.

Chris Patterson
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Manage Risks and Drive Efficient Drug Lifecycles with CCH Tagetik for Pharma

Enrich pharmaceutical lifecycles and life science supply chains with data intelligence. Our solution centralizes close, planning, analysis, and simulation in a single platform - to empower you with the insights to make data-driven decisions from R&D, go-to-market, to the end of its patents’ life.

  • Profitability analysis by brands
  • KPI-driven Budgeting and Planning
  • Cash-flow automatic balancing
  • Spreading across the seasons and the variance
  • Manage risks and plan to limit exposure
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Use the Same Financial Language at the Group-Level with CCH Tagetik for Pharma

You need to see what’s coming before it arrives. Our unified platform connects all the data from all entities. You benefit from a financial close, integrated budget, plans and forecasts to better predict the future.

  • Accelerate the close with automated consolidation
  • Standard reporting enhances executive meeting
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual entries
  • More time for strategic analysis
  • CFOs gain a unified approach to CPM
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Get the visibility you need to make the right strategic decision

Go from trial to market before the competition — and with less costly hiccups. By understanding real-time drivers across product lifecycles, you can optimize your R&D portfolio and see the impacts of changes on financial performance.

  • Gain a multi-year, company-wide KPI projection
  • Select the best strategy based on inputs
  • Model and compare thousands of development scenarios
  • Account and mitigate risk and uncertainty
  • Ensure the long-term growth of your business
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Élaboration budgétaire, planification et prévisions
Entrez dans la nouvelle ère de la planification avec le logiciel d’élaboration budgétaire, planification financière et prévision CCH Tagetik.
Supply Chain Planning

Alignez la chaîne logistique. Équilibrez l'offre et la demande. Collaborez entre les fonctions.

Analyse de profitabilité
Analysez la profitabilité depuis tous les angles afin de maximiser votre rentabilité grâce au logiciel d'analyse de profitabilité de CCH Tagetik.

Clôture comptable et consolidation
Gérez votre clôture financière et votre consolidation avec le logiciel de CCH Tagetik, de la clôture locale à la consolidation du groupe en passant par les processus de reporting réglementaire et de publication (Disclosure Management).
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