Accelerate your planning process and get a grip on the future with inlumi's Healthcare Budgeting & Planning starter kit

inlumi's Healthcare Budgeting & Planning app is a pre-built solution that provides you with all the functionality to accurately and timely plan your client production, personnel, and resulting income statement.

Our solution has built-in calculations that are specially designed for the long-term healthcare sector. These calculations use current client indication to quickly generate the expected care to be provided, allocated revenues, the required staff and the resulting personnel costs. By using easily adjustable drivers, you can create multiple versions of your plan and perform what-if analysis to measure the impact of each assumption.

Through an intuitive workflow, your budget will be created in no time so you can start focusing on the insights and confidently make informed decisions for your long-term healthcare organization.

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3 reasons why inlumi's Healthcare Budgeting & Planning Starter Kit lets you focus on what matters

Key capabilities

To frequently create a full operational and financial budget for your healthcare organization can be an intensive process. Fortunately, inlumi's Healthcare Budgeting & Planning app is packaged with the capabilities to quickly create this budget, for you to analyse the various scenarios and make informed decisions.

  • User-friendly workflow separating the various steps
  • Built-in calculations for production, revenue allocations, FTE and personnel costs
  • Easily adjustable drivers and data validations
  • Pre-defined input sheets and output reports
  • Scenario versioning and ‘what if’-analysis
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Key benefits

Accelerate your long-term healthcare planning process now. Our end-to-end app will get you creating operational data-driven budgets fast. The finance-friendly interface and integration with your wider planning process enable true self-service planning.

  • Able to report on your operational and financial plan quickly and with confidence
  • See the impact of changing drivers on client production, personnel, and P&L
  • Align Finance and Operations with detail-level insights
  • Simple to adapt, maintain, and enhance by Finance
  • Seamless integration into current CCH Tagetik application
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