Streamline your SBA lending process with TSoftPlus.

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Greater efficiency

Manage any loan volume with an advanced browser-based interface and Microsoft Office® integration.

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Stronger compliance

Maintain compliance with built-in features like one-step data entry and access to all required SBA forms.

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Faster response

Respond to your client’s needs quickly with a built-in online loan submission and response feature that connects directly to SBA’s E-Tran solution for loan processing and servicing.

TSoftPlus is easy to start using today!

SaaS (Software as a Service)
By using TSoftPlus as SaaS, your software and information is securely stored online and backed up in a secure data center, giving you instant access to files from any location. Reduce maintenance fees, avoid server issues, and eliminate hardware costs with an advanced solution that’s always up-to-date.

Learn how TSoftPlus can help you process more SBA loans without sacrificing compliance or risk management.

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