Sentri7 - Designed by clinical experts - Controlled by pharmacy and infection prevention teams

Sentri7 clinical surveillance aggregates EHR data to prioritize and alert care teams in real-time. Improving a program's performance relies on busy care and teams receiving the necessary tools and knowledge within their daily workflows. By delivering earlier evidence-based interventions, your hospital can make a bigger impact on patient outcomes.

We know it's difficult to balance caring for patients with managing regulatory, quality and financial challenges. Explore below how Sentri7 clinical surveillance can help your team improve pharmacy and infection prevention performance.

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Pharmacy surveillance

Optimize medication use and pharmacy cost savings to improve patient outcomes.

Antimicrobial stewardship

Reduce use of antimicrobials to combat resistance and achieve cost savings.

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Opioid stewardship

Empower pharmacy teams to improve opioid use and patient safety.

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Infection prevention and COVID-19

Identify infections sooner to prevent and reduce HAIs. Monitor COVID-19 patients.

Key reasons customers choose Sentri7 Clinical Surveillance  

  • Access to hundreds of clinically trusted rules and intervention workflows – Expert clinicians update our content as science and regulations change, allowing for rapid adoption. UpToDate and Lexicomp content support Sentri7 rules and guidance.
  • Turnkey adoption of the latest guidance in minutes - One-click publishes new content for a facility or across a health system, standardizing strategic programs for maximum impact. No IT or EHR vendor support required.
  • Real-time alerts and recommendations that teams trust - Reduce alert fatigue with evidence-based alerts. Teams respond early to tailored clinical guidance provided for each qualifying patient.
  • Tailored workflows and automated tasks - Easy customization so front-line clinicians receive alerts in their daily workflow, including their devices or in a central dashboard.
  • Actionable metrics to guide hospital or health-system strategies delivered via intuitive and customizable dashboards. Access in-depth operational reports to drive improvements in cost and quality, as well as national comparison metrics.
  • One-click patient-specific vancomycin calculation powered by DoseMeRx via Sentri7.
  • Leverage advanced technology - Sentri7 earned a Frost and Sullivan 2021 New Product Innovation Best Practice Award, as part of our Clinical Surveillance suite.
Artificial intelligence (AI) removes barriers so clinical teams can respond before there is an issue and positively impact care. 
Sentri7 AI+ empowers teams to improve patient care by finding at-risk patients earlier and providing evidence-based guidance to proactively addressing those risks.

Identify at-risk patients earlier to improve care

Sentri7 Clinical Surveillance technology integrates with your EHR, synthesizes disparate data and runs sophisticated rule logic created by Wolters Kluwer’s expert clinicians. This methodology ensures no patient is overlooked and prioritizes those patients requiring a change in care earlier. 

Sentri7 Workflow

Maintaining high-performing pharmacy medication management, antimicrobial stewardship, opioid stewardship and infection prevention programs is challenging. That's why our customers rely on Sentri7's expert content, trusted alerts and dedicated program analytics to track progress and spot areas for improvement.

The Sentri7 Difference 

$2 million in savings through optimizing drug therapies

Aultman Hospital’s adoption of Sentri7 enabled pharmacy leadership to regularly track overall antibiotic spending, particularly on high cost and broad-spectrum antibiotics like daptomycin. Aultman was able to integrate its EHR and set up antimicrobial stewardship rules and workflows to prioritize patients in real-time in a centralized dashboard, taking the guesswork out of where the pharmacy team could make the biggest impact on care. 

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